Love Letters To The Dreams I Had Next To You

behind the scenes from the upcoming short film by London based director Yoni Ben-Haim.


I had the opportunity to play the main character in this beautiful story. 


"A recounting of a summer filled with love and adoration. By the agency of her dreams, the Narrator re-lives moments of a time filled with heightened raw emotions. Through a spoken word poem, she goes on a journey exploring the feelings brought to her while sleeping next to the one she loves. 


Self-reflection leads to other more melancholic discoveries, which the Narrator must learn to accept"


The film will be officially released in 2021 and will be screened at various film festivals.

Cover Design: Artwork for Zach G Wilson's song Phoenix 

Modeling for Lucie Krizkova's project "Muses"

Dark Matter x Forget Me Not 

A collaboration with Dark Matter lingerie @darkmatter_lingerie. handmade custom design for her new collection with messages that are communicating the brand values. Embracing women and their bodies within their sexuality regardless of their age or size.