You All Drove Me Crazy: Arose in motion

creative direction, photography, event management and curation

Our third event was held in August 2020 at one of the most important Czech neo functionalism buildings: Maj 4. Patro located in the centre of Prague.


This event, we were faced with a new challenge. the three day event consisting of creativity, but networking and positivity was also held throughout the corona virus outbreak. It was our pleasure to host over seventy artists from thirteen countries and all their breathtaking artworks. 


Our team prepared a programme for the day time and night time but we also welcomed our audience with a huge terrace filled with amazing food trucks and terrace bars. 


We continue to be excited and await any new challenges coming our way!

You All Drove Me Crazy: Butterfly Effect International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

creative direction, photography, event management and curation

We enjoyed six days of creativity and networking, featuring art from seventy-four individuals from over ten countries. Creatives worked across a multitude of disciplines, these including artists, tattoo artists, photographers, DJs, fashion designers, directors, dancers, poets and musicians. During the evenings we had an array of programs including mixed media, moving image, live music, dance, and poetry. All artists involved in our event were tasked with providing work designed specifically based on their interpretation of the event's theme: the chaos theory of the Butterfly Effect.

We encouraged the artists to highlight the fact that any single action can set off a chain of events that can lead to a significant outcome. The aim was to get our audience to discuss how we can learn from the past and make changes in our present to better our futures. 

Pictures taken by: Curls @shotbycurls, Michaela Cervena @michaela_cervena, Irene Kurina @irene_ok, Studio Horizont @studio.horizont, Alibi Visions @alibivisions, Yoni Ben Haim @yonibenhaim, Jamie Dixon @jamie_dixon96Michaela Fenklova @forgemenot.m_, Stepan Matousek @birdipies

Not Just Another Store

Creative direction, marketing & event curation for @notjustanotherstore_ldn

styled and shot by me, model: Elizabeth Volodina

You All Drove Me Crazy: Driven By Prague

creative direction, photography, event management and curation

Vol. one YouAllDroveMeCrazy Prague: Debut Event. As one of the members of creative movement You All Drove Me Crazy I curated our first creative exhibition along with my colleagues.

Our vision is to provide a platform for young, talented, and driven artists. To encourage collaboration amongst creatives and to help each other develop and grow. We strongly believe that community is the most important way to success, and through events like Vol. one Youalldrovemecrazy Prague was full of networking and collaboration we will start a significant movement and establish a powerful community within the industry. Our exhibition consisted of paintings, photography, art installations, clothing, tattoos, poetry, and live music as well as an auction. We felt privileged to represent and work with such talented artists, and are excited about upcoming events. 

Ugo Sessions

Analogue photography 

youalldrovemecrazy project "Youtube sessions" dedicated to showcasing upcoming artists. The interview series, done in collaboration with a "home away from home" company DiffeRent London, acts as a platform to promote both the artists and the premiere locations all around the city belonging to DiffeRent London. 


Art direction: Alexandra Stotskaya @alexandra_stotskaya
Photography: Michaela Fenklova @forgetmenot.m_





Promotional Skate Series 

YouAllDroveMeCrazy project to showcase and promote young designers that our creative movement collaborates with. 

Project direction: Zach G Wilson @zachgwilson
Photography: Michaela Fenklova @forgetmenot.m_
Model, Skater: Jackson Waldrop @jaxonwaldrop

Upcoming: Spoken Word visual series

a collaboration between me and video production company alibi vision that will comprise and visualise my poetry in spoken word and will be shot by young talented filmmaker yoni ben haim.