Everything Happens To Me

SECOND self-published anthology 


"There are a few sensations that can only be felt, never described. Michaela Fenklova, ‘Forget Me Not’ sticks to this ideal. 

This book and its collection of poems is not a description of these alien emotions, but rather a parcel of feelings. A parcel that over the course of four distinct chapters, she unravels and displays for all to see. A dream like an experience that drags you through the nightmares of betrayal and utter sadness. Introspective, metawriting that flips the reader from understanding moments in their own perspective back to hers. When feeling distraught and lost, she moves on to finding ways to cope. If regret is the beat to this song, then melancholy is the chorus. 

Michaela beautifully crafts an all-encompassing journey of the sorrowful mind. In the end, she reminds you that there is always hope, you grow, you learn but most definitely you have felt."

book introduction by Yoni Ben-Haim

illustrated by JAh @nadja_bosa

limited handprint edition handcrafted by curls @shotbycurls

Forget Me Not

first self-produced anthology 


As a member of creative movement You All Drove Me Crazy I have released my debut independent anthology with the help of my colleagues. The work is named after my alter ego and was first premiered at our creative exhibition Butterfly Effect Event in Karlovy Vary while International Film Festival. The collaborations on this book range from edit and design by Filip Felix @fjelix, illustrations by Alexandra Stotskaya @alexandra_stotskaya and English correction by Zach
G Wilson

Upcoming: Spoken Word visual series